Thursday, July 21, 2016

Do you want to reduce your flood insurance premium by 25%?

One of my largest clients contacted me about their out of control flood insurance premium. Their premium rose nearly 100% in the last few years. After doing some research and modeling, I was able to get them a reduction of almost 75K for idential coverage's as they curently have!

Why keep paying your agent big commissions not to get you into the best programs? Stop throwing your money away on a Governmental Flood Program that is broken. A program that will continue to increase your costs by approximately 10% annually with no end in sight! I’ve saved 1000’s of Floridians millions of dollars in flood premiums to date, let me help you with our Private Flood Program underwritten by Lloyds of London

Michael Wagner, Agent

Statewide Condominium Insurance

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About Michael Wagner

Highly accomplished, visionary insurance executive with proven ability to impact financial, social, and political goals through commitment to global issues, innovation, and diversity. Results-oriented, decisive leader offering 15+ years of success in sales, operations, and marketing. Deliver excellence in execution and developing people, utilizing international / multicultural experience to provide unique perspective and creative solutions, achieving high performance within diverse organizational cultures. Demonstrate rapid advancement based on high performance, with the ability to quickly transfer skills across industries. Self-starter with strong entrepreneurial spirit, high integrity, and solid work ethic; creative, highly analytical, and able to successfully manage multiple concurrent projects with keen attention to detail, excellent organization, and outstanding persuasive skills. Able to skillfully inspire, motivate, and lead teams for consistently winning outcomes.

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